Living (tax)-free? Make your dreams come true during an intensive weekend-workshop in Colombia!

The secrets of the offshore world shared by perpetual traveler Christoph Heuermann



  • 9-10 April
  • Location: Medellin, Colombia
  • Saturday 9am-6pm Workshop
  • Sunday 9am-5pm Workshop

Who teaches me?

Christoph is perpetual traveler and owns the most prominent German blog on tax issues, company formation and emigration. So far offering his seminars in German only, he decided to make his life-changing information accessible to English-speakers. While it's easy to make a seminar in English, translating a blog takes a lot of time. You may see all his expertise in his many German articles.

Everything you need to know for a successful live as location-independent entrepreneur and perpetual traveler

  • best countries for tax-free residence and second citizenship
  • most suitable on- and offshore-companies
  • most promising bank accounts, investments and crypto-currencies
  • travel hacking & mile optimization

further workshops:

  • Mallorca, 10-12 March (german)
  • Vienna, 24-26 March (german)
  • Berlin, 25-26 Mai (german)
2 days workshop
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    • 12 units of nomad knowledge
    • wealth of information to take home
    • shared meals with inspiring entrepreneurs (not included)
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    plus personal consulting session
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      • 12 units of nomad knowledge
      • wealth of information to take home
      • shared meals with inspiring entrepreneurs (not included)
      • joining the inner circle
      • a personalised consulting session

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      Saturday, April 9

      • Getting (tax)-free: Flag Theory and Perpetual Traveling


        You learn how to start into a (tax)-free life immediately and how you use the flag theory to maximize your liberties.

      • Tax Systenms, Tax Residence & CFC-Rules


        You learn which tax systems matter, how you exploit them and what you have to keep in mind when starting a company

      • Permanent Residence and her conditions around the world


        You learn about the most attractive places to get your tax residence including all necessary requirements and processes.

      12.30-1.30: Lunch Break

      • Second Citizenship: the best opportunities


        You learn what to keep in mind about second citizenship and how to acquire them.

      • Foreign Companies: Opportunities & Challenges


        You learn about the characteristics and challenges of on- and offshore-companies. You can elaborate about holding and trust structures and learn different tax shifting strategies.

      • The Best On- and Offshore Companies


        You learn about the best jurisdictions, its advantages, formation procedures and costs.

      From 8pm: Group Dinner

      Sunday, April 10

      • Investing with the Flag Theory: Global Opportunities


        You learn how to grow and protect your assets, diversify your investment strategies and know to use crypto-currencies.

      • The best Bank Accounts & Precious Metal Deposits


        You learn everything about bank accounts & information exchange as well as precious metals, crypto-currencies and more

      • Anonymity as a PT: Data Protection, Censorship and Encryption


        You learn how to live more anonymous and protect yourself against fraud, data leaks and censorship attacks.

      12.30-1.30: Lunch Break

      • The World as Playground: Living Personal Freedom


        You learn where to have fun and enjoy your new (tax)-free life according to your inner preferences.

      • Travel Hacking: Flying & Living cheap & comfortable


        You will become a travel hacker who knows everything needed as a digital nomad.

      • The Art of Luxury Travel: Mile Optimization & more


        You learn how to profit from flying by earning miles and using them right.

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        Finally, we start on April 9. Come to this workshop in Medellin to get your set-up right!

      • q-iconWho should come to the workshop?

        The workshop is aimed at location-independent entrepreneurs and freelancers, who operate a successful business. However, even employees and people starting up could profit enormously by participating.

      • q-iconDo I have to travel all the time?

        No. Perpetual Traveling is only one opportunity to live tax-free and just means changing locations all 4-6 months. Actually, living somewhere permanently makes things easier and enables tax freedom in over 80 countries.

      • q-iconWhy should I register at all?

        You will learn about everything needed to operate a successful business in a globalized world. Today it’s more important than ever to have the right set-up to navigate through crisis and exploit all the opportunities the world has to offer. Even if you like to pay taxes – there is so much other strategies which could elevate your lifestyle to a new level.

      • q-iconWhat qualifies Christoph?

        Christoph researches his topics for over 5 years now and experiences the stuff himself. As perpetual traveler, he has already been to over 80 countries to explore local opportunities. Resident in Panama, he now enjoys teaching other entrepreneurs how to navigate through bureaucracy and maximize their freedom.

      • q-iconDo I need pre-knowledge?

        Mostly not. The workshop units were designed with beginners in mind. Of course, there should be some basic entrepreneurial knowledge. And of course you have to speak English!

      • q-iconHow do I profit?

        Du lernst alle Tipps, Tricks und Hacks, um Dein Leben freier und angenehmer zu gestalten. Womöglich fällst Du von 80% auf Null Prozent Steuern, kannst Dein Unternehmen endlich nach Deinem Gusto führen und gleichzeitig günstiger und luxuriöser reisen wie nie. Kurz gesagt: deine Lebensqualität kann durch das Seminar merklich steigen!

        You learn all the strategies for a more free and comfortable life! Maybe you start paying no more taxes, operate your business as you like to and travel cheaper, but more luxurious. Long things said shortly: your life quality can be elevated to a new level after attending the workshop!

      Finally living (tax)-free

      Because your life belongs to you!

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