Your "Staatenlos"-Health Insurance

Protect your health globally with our framework agreement

The "Staatenlos" global health insurance is a framework agreement for all readers and clients with a reputable global insurance provider. We do not have any financial interest in selling this insurance. All support is independently done by German licensed insurance broker Robin Lerch. Please contact him at [email protected] for your requests


A framework agreement enables a better negotiating position with an increasing number of members. The already existing advantages can thus be improved in future or premiums decreased. Please spread the word about this opportunitiy - the more individual plans under our framework agreement, the more advantages we might have in future. After just 3 months almost 100 members gave us exclusive access to 5% discount and priority - this is worldwide unique!

Our framework agreement with a global health insurance provider (GET IT HERE) offers you the best conditions of global insurance tailor-suited to the unique situation of perpetual travelers


  • modular protection in 5 classes of plans (pay only what you need)
  • Self-Deductible up to 5000€
  • 3 months of protection in every country of the world (including the US), even if not covered by the plan
  • unlimited duration of contract - no cancellation due to sickness possible
  • high stability of contributions
  • family insurance is possible (and free from the 3rd child)
  • optional death benefit and daily sickness allowance insurance
  • optional assistance package with further insurances
  • get insurance regardless of residency/citizenship
  • full protection against Covid19
  • transport back to home country included in every plan
  • own insurance app and service in multiple languages
  • 5% discount over normal plans by the insurance
  • Application Document
    Application Document

    Download the application document. Or just apply online here[email protected]APMOB